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Firefighter Survival – How To Be a Good Victim (Part 2)

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 How To Be a Good Victim is a crucial part of firefighter survival.

Far too often we find ourselves training in how to rescue a downed firefighter or a victim, yet we neglect training in how to make ourselves the best “victim” possible should we be pinned, injured, or trapped. This is why firefighter survival is paramount.

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Bobby Salvesen is a damn-near 20 year vet of the FDNY and in the next two episodes he drops value-bombs galore relating to shitty situations, how we get in them, how we can avoid them, and how to be a good victim. For this reason firefighter survival is paramount and should be a skill that is in the back of our head at all times.

We need to rethink our current situation as firefighters. Our gear can get us into worse situations than ever seen before. Do you know How to Be a Good Victim and how to maximize firefighter survival?

Think about it.  Our gear lets us get into 500 degree atmospheres for times that weren’t possible just 10 years before. The crap we crawl into is burning faster, hotter, and quicker than ever before.

As a firefighter, we need to learn how to be a good victim.  We train in FAST, RIT, RIC, or whatever you operations you want to call them.  This only teaches us how to respond to downed firefighter situations, and how to mitigate them. But have we ever really stepped back and thought “how can I maximize my chances of being found?”  The answer is NO. We haven’t.  That’s what this episode sets out to find!

Part two discusses the actions that we need to take in order to get out of these sticky situations.  There’s a few simple steps that every firefighter can take to maximize their rescuability (is that a word?) and survivability.

Like what you hear from Bobby?  Then check out his podcast “The Hazmat Guys” hosted by him and his partner Mike Monaco.

You can also find them on Twitter @thehazmatguys1






About the author, Bob

Bob Metcalfe is a career firefighter in a suburb of Rochester, NY, and was previously a 7-year volunteer at the department he grew up in. He's excited to bring together his broadcasting background with his career and passion of firefighting via The Firefighter Podcast.

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