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A Special Announcement From The Firefighter Podcast – 016

bob metcalfe
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This episode was tough for me.  Why?  Because I had to announce that the show is taking a break.

Yep. Despite the fact that I haven’t released an episode since mid-July, I need to take an even LONGER break due to family commitments.  Back when the show launched in November of 2015, our twin boys were 7 months old, and contained VERY easily.  Them growing and deciding that they should walk and thus chew, inspect, and otherwise explore everything around them has meant that they’re an amazing (but challenging) full-on commitment during their waking hours. The time I had to escape and record/edit/produce the show simply isn’t available. And I’m okay with that, and here’s why:

buzz woody

Our little monkeys!


But I’m extremely lucky. My job allows me to be home with them, see them grow, and have an influence on their young lives. They’re energetic, ridiculously smart, and absolutely  hilarious.  I want and need my focus to be on these two amazing little monsters.

So with that being said, “I’ll be back.”  (spoken like the Terminator.)  Although I can’t say when exactly, I expect that 6-9 months will probably be the range before the mic gets warmed back up.

But when I return, I ASSURE you that the show will be better in just about every way. I’ve learned a lot over the last 11 months, and the product I want to put out is different than the one that is actually making it into your headphones.  Sound quality, editing, show content, show structure, and social media/web presence will all be upgraded and revamped.  The second-coming will be tremendous and I can’t wait for it.

So to those of you that have been a guest,  loyally listened, reached out, gave feedback, or just said that you’ve enjoyed the show – I give you a whole-hearted thanks!  It’s been tremendous, and WILL BE tremendous in the future.  I feel like the show has made a small impact on a few people, and that’s what I set out and intended to do from the get-go.

You can always reach out to me and stay connected during the hiatus though:

Twitter – @thefirepodcast

Facebook – “Business” page or Community page (this one is preferred)

E-mail – bob@firefighterpodcast.com

About the author, Bob

Bob Metcalfe is a career firefighter in a suburb of Rochester, NY, and was previously a 7-year volunteer at the department he grew up in. He's excited to bring together his broadcasting background with his career and passion of firefighting via The Firefighter Podcast.

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